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Extraordinary Teachers

I first met, Dr. Ferreira, my current voice teacher and the subject of this portrait in 2000 after I joined, Snowfire, his vocal jazz ensemble.

I had my first success with scatting (vocal improv) in this group, which was an incredible experience!

While painting this portrait, I started thinking back to my time in the jazz ensemble. It was so clear to me how much we all need extraordinary teachers in our lives.

Dr. Ferreira was, and continues to be one of the best teachers of jazz stylings I’ve ever had. His passion for the art and his intuitive approach are thoroughly genuine.

I’m so honored to have been on this journey with him. I'm filled with so much gratitude for his graciousness with which he agreed to sit for this portrait.

A heartfelt thank you to my dear friend and voice mentor, Dr. Ferreira.


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