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These grain bins are part of my personal history. Growing up as the daughter of a farmer, sometimes you have to do work you weren't necessarily cut out for. Well, one summer I was recruited to "watch the trucks unload."

This meant that I'd sit and wait while the wheat was being harvested, then when the full truck would arrive, I'd keep tipping it back as the grain poured into the auger. It so happened that one day I was doing my job at these bins, and I was reading a reeeally interesting book; a mystery.

I was annoyed that I had to keep getting interrupted to tip the truck back, so I thought I'd tip it back a little farther, so as to buy myself a little more time with my book. Funny thing, when you tip a truck back with a very full and heavy load of grain, it keeps tipping... The next thing I know, the grain is pouring over the top of the truck, landing in a huge pile on top of the auger. Hearing the handle of the small door of the opening that the grain was to fall from, bang against the metal of the auger, I panicked.

I tried several things to remedy this situation. None were successful. Finally my brother who was nearby in the field, saw what was going on and came to my aid. When all was put back to order, I was left once again to my job of "watching" only to find my book mysteriously missing.

It wasn't until months later when my dad was unloading the bin that the book was back in my hands. Mangled and dusty from the ride it took up the auger, my dad handed it to me at the breakfast table saying, "I found your book..."


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