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What If?

What if you were given a very special gift but you wasted it on the wrong thing?

What if you almost lost that gift, but saved it at the very last moment?

What if you didn't recognize the value of the gift until you realized you could have lost it?

I used to do a lot of yarn work. It was an easy project to have around that helped me feel “productive.” I developed terrible tendonitis due to the repetitive motion of doing this kind of work to the point that I started to lose feeling in a couple of my fingertips. This was before I started to do more sketching and painting, even though I always had the feeling that I would end up embracing and loving this art form more than working with yarn.

One day, I suddenly realized that if I kept doing this damaging work, I may not be able to sketch and paint, the very thing that I really felt drawn to! Immediately, I stopped my yarn work and haven’t picked it up since.

It’s true that I sometimes still miss it. However, that’s a small price to pay to know that I’m finally using my fine motor skill gifts in the way that I was truly meant to.


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