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Small Scenes

After several plein air painting sessions, my painting coach advised me to try making a few small scenes. What he meant was to divide a 12 x 14 inch canvas into four parts. Hence, creating four "small" paintings.

I was intrigued. I decided to focus on capturing scenes of the church where my ancestors were buried, which was the same place where my parents were married.

I thought that the fourth part would feature my parents together on their (recent) 62nd anniversary. I tried it and might be wondering why you can't see anything there...yikes!

Painting two figures into such a small of space is challenging. I wasn't able to do them justice, so the fourth part will remain blank for now.

What a great reminder, though, that it’s definitely a good practice to “make it look good small” before working large!

A huge thanks, to my painting coach for suggesting I try going small!


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